Artistic speech training

I have been working in the field of artistic speech training since 1996 – at theatres and drama schools, the Forum für Filmschaupiel in Berlin, the Actors Space coaching studio, in workshops at different universities and for various film productions.

Natural self-regulation of the voice and breathing can be released and used in highly demanding voice and speech performances using a functional physiological approach to vocal, breathing and speech techniques. The method is holistic, starting inside the body and moving out into speech and text work. Based on my own singing training, I work on linking the singing and speech voices, merging to produce a strong, resonant voice in a very short period of time.

The entire vocal and breathing training takes place in harmony with physiological requirements, enhancing the emergence of authenticity on stage and camera. “Artificially” created vocal, breathing and speech techniques that work in opposition to natural physical requirements obstruct this authentic process. Access to one’s own vocal potential through the release of blocked patterns is the prerequisite for the development of specific characters. It is interesting to experience how intention impacts physical tension and sound quality. The balanced state of desired physical tension (or eutonus) emerges through a mental process.

At the vocal level, I offer a repertoire of exercises that are inspired by a singing-based approach to the voice and create a wide vocal range. The natural physiology of breathing is an indispensable basis for good vocal quality. The automatic reflex action of an intake of breath, which takes place without conscious intention, is crucial to opening up one’s resonators and experiencing a voice that penetrates the body. The voice should be stabilised in this context to facilitate lengthy sequences of speech without loss of voice. It is equally important for actors to be able to produce a loud voice in emotional outbursts and in soft projection. The latter is generally a rare art, as the soft speaking voice is often created via constriction or breathiness, neither of which can be projected. My work on vocal quality is augmented by methods that help produce transparent articulation without a negative impact on resonance. In order for artists to experience this vocal quality – not only in terms of self-awareness but above all, in terms of artistic expression – the foundation work is implemented in text-based and role-playing activities. Intention is again the key to authentic presentation.

My work with actors includes preparations for casting, auditions and entrance examinations, coaching towards acting roles, voice training and singing-based interpretation work. The specific requirements of the stage or screen actor are taken into account.